Pozzyvibes @ Gluten Free Gallop 5k 2017

Our Story

Pozzyvibes started in 2013 when friends Tiffany Rosengrant and Matthew Aragon who shared a love of music and volunteering together decided they wanted to start something that would have a positive impact in people's lives and their communities. At first we weren't sure what that looked like, so we started with small acts like posting positive quotes on social media, and trying to brighten people's day by giving them Pozzyvibes bracelets and saying something kind, encouraging, and or positive. After time Pozzyvibes developed into something more than just bracelets and positive thoughts, Pozzyvibes began supporting positivity by interviewing positive influences in our communities and writing short positive articles about them. With both Tiffany and Matthew having the passion for music, people, and positivity, and Tiffany having years of experience as a Mobile Disc Jockey (DJ), Pozzyvibes began helping communities through DJ-ing. Today Pozzyvibes continues to strive to support positivity in our communities by spreading positive vibrations one party at a time.