Baby Ro’ Mello Balloon Release – Oct. 1st

When we become parents, we are blessed with the gift of true love. As parents, our job is to keep our babies safe, healthy and happy. As parents in a free country, and in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness; many of us have a sense of security in our belief that it is our basic right to protect our children. The problem is that, when we get the courts involved in custody matters, what’s best for the children falls second to “status quo”, due process, overloaded dockets and one judge’s mood or discretion on any given day. Many parents, that haven’t had the courts involved with child custody matters, believe that the right thing will prevail when custody matters do surface. Had anyone at least investigated as a child advocate with influence on the courts in one case for “temporary” custody orders, Baby Romello would probably be celebrating his fourth birthday with family next month. This is not about father’s rights or mother’s rights; it is about the voice of vulnerable children involved in custody matters..our babies. Our children need a voice in custody matters and, even if they are too young to explain their circumstances, need to be heard. Well, we hear you, Baby Ro’Mello. All children that have been hurt or blindly placed in harm’s way by our justice system, we hear you. All of the parents that have walked through the fire of family courts, we hear you. Our system is broken and it is time for some big changes. On October 1st, we walk for the celebration of Baby Ro’Mello’s life and he walks with us in spirit for change.

When: Saturday, October 1st, 2016

Time: 11am-2pm

Where: Sloans Lake, Edgewater, CO

Wish Baby Ro’Mello a Happy 4th Birthday with a balloon release!

There will be entertainment, DJ’s (DJ Si – Fi). Performances, remembrance speeches. Toddler games & fun.


Written By: David Chavez