Tiffany Rosengrant - Co-founder

     Tiffany is known around the community for her volunteer work, all around good spirit and sincere caring personality. If you were to ask anyone who has ever met Tiffany about her, they would all have the same opinion. She has a truly amazing heart. She cares about everyone whether she knows them personally or not. Tiffany has touched so many lives in a positive way.

     As it stands today, Tiffany humbly supports herself with her many passions and eagerness to learn and develop new skills as an Event Coordinator, Mobile Disc Jockey, Editor, Artist, and Zumba Instructor. In her spare time she is volunteering, lending others a helping hand or advice, and of course, working her hardest to make this world a better place by using POZZYVIBES.

     The idea of POZZYVIBES came about because Tiffany wants to help more people and she knows it IS POSSIBLE. Through POZZYVIBES Tiffany is able to help multiple people at one time. Tiffany breathes love, compassion and positive energy.

     Tiffany graduated college from the University of Colorado at Denver as a music business major and worked in retail for over 6 years. As the years passed she felt that she wasn’t making enough of a positive difference in society. Volunteering for the American Red Cross, Love Hope Strength (a rock and roll cancer foundation that signs people up onto the National Bone Marrow Registry), KGNU Denver/Boulder Radio station, and bringing food and essential items to the local homeless had helped her decide that working a job that doesn’t contribute to the better of society wasn’t what she was meant to do. Tiffany has worked and volunteered for the Colorado AIDS Project, a non profit that provides assistance for medical expenses, housing assistance, case management, a food bank, HIV prevention, free HIV testing, and counseling to people affected by HIV.

     Tiffany believes POZZYVIBES will change people’s lives and society as a whole by creating a more peaceful, gracious and happy world.

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” – Tiffany Rosengrant

Written by POZZYVIBE content creator Shaina L.

Matt Aragon - Co-founder

  Matt was born and raised in Denver Colorado. He graduated college in May of 2013, he received a bachelor of science degree in music business. His artistic passion is music, especially different musical cultures. His favorite past time is going to concerts, so much so that he promotes upcoming shows for various venues around Denver.

    Matt is known for his volunteer work for Love Hope Strength, a non profit that signs people up to be on the National Bone Marrow Registry. He also volunteers and assists with fundraisers with the Colorado AIDS Project, and various non profits.

    POZZYVIBES is Matt’s passion. It helps him live his life with an uplifting perspective. Helping others is what he loves doing. He feels whole anytime he can put a smile on someone’s face. Matt feels POZZYVIBES is his calling in life and now he is living to help others live their lives fullest.

    “I’ve always believed there is good in everyone”  - Matt Aragon

Written by POZZYVIBE content creator Shaina L.

Shaina Lauzet - Content Creator

    Shaina is a proud and loving mother to two beautiful daughters. They are her motivation in life. Shaina strives to be a positive individual and role model, and  has spent time volunteering for various non profits including Love Hope Strength, Colorado AIDS Project, and the Salvation Army. Shaina feels very blessed for everyone in her life, and plans to write book in the near future to help victims of domestic violence.

    “Don’t let the world change your smile, let your smile change the world”

                                               -The Universe

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