Join us at the Gluten Free Gallop 5k – June 2nd, 2018

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Gluten Free Gallop 5k – June 2nd, 2018

Clement Park, 7706 W. Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO


The National Celiac Association – Denver Celiac Support Group is excited to announce their seventh annual Gluten Free Gallop 5k run/walk to raise awareness of Celiac Disease and gluten related disorders. The Gluten Free Gallop will take place at Clement Park in Littleton, CO on Saturday June 2nd, 2018. This is a fun family, stroller and dog friendly event. Pozzyvibes will be spreading positive vibrations and playing music at the event so be sure to stop by and say hi, or better yet join us in the walk or the run.


  • T Shirt
  • Goody Bag
  • Event Timed
  • Raffle
  • Food and Drinks
  • Music by Pozzyvibes
  • Kids’ Activities
  • Awards

Course description:

Come enjoy a family friendly beautiful June 5k run/walk around Johnson Reservoir at Clement Park. Pet and stroller friendly event!

Awards will be given to our first place male, female, boy and girl at the event.

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Join Us! – Gluten Free Gallop 5k

We are excited to announce that Pozzyvibes is now a proud sponsor of the Gluten Free Gallop 5k, benefiting the Denver Celiac Support Association which will be held on June 4th at Clement Park, Littleton, CO. Check in begins at 7am, and the walk/run takes off at 8am. We will be providing music at the event, and Tiffany will be leading a short Zumba warm up before the walk/run begins. If you would like to show your support and walk or run you may join the Pozzyvibes team, or create your own. Registration is $30 per adult, and children 12 and under are free so feel free to bring your friends & family! The event is dog friendly so you can bring your furry friend as well.


Click here for event details!


We hope to see you at the event. Sending Pozzyvibes!


Otunba Subomi Michael Balogun

Today, after many years in the sector, Otunba Subomi Michael Balogun has left legacies difficult to equal. He makes the Pozzyviber character for this month in style as a man that is known for many things. From being an entrepreneur to a banker to a well-established Philanthropist and then a religious leader. His entry into the banking sector was not with much fanfare, but there was no doubt that he was on what he wanted to achieve.

Balogun, who is known in the Yoruba language as the Asiwaju of Ijebu Christians, consummate banker and entrepreneur, who many have come to style the constructive philanthropist, has every reason to be happy.


Beyond the symbolic well-wishes and grand receptions marking his recent birthday where he showed great generosity by opening the doors of his home for all and sundry to have a place to feed, there is more that engenders fulfilment, as he has been able to impact the different spectrum of society, leaving many positive foot prints on the proverbial sands of time.


Using FCMB (First City Monument Bank), the platform that has by far given him greater portion of the public reckoning he enjoys today, he raised new paradigms in business management, provided invaluable financial backing for many another enterprise, brokered high yielding deals and raised the stakes of the banking business.

And through his philanthropic gestures, Balogun has helped many to rediscover lost destinies and find hope for daily living, with his religious philosophies in tow.

In fact, in the things of the faith, he has remained no less a pillar of support, making huge donations towards their projects and for the deepening of other worthy religious causes.


That is why as he is celebrated, and banking in Nigeria is also in celebration, as Nigerians who have drank from his well of kindness salute this man of destiny born at Ljebu-Ode in Ogun State on March 9, 1934.


Balogun had his secondary education at Igbobi College in Yaba, Lagos. He was at the time a secondary school teacher and later read Law at the London School of Economics (LSE) and was called to the English Bar in December 1959.


He never failed to optimize every opportunity to equip himself along the line of his growing up personally. In the end, acquiring the requisite academic and work experiences when combined gave him the edge he enjoys today. What was left was to put the application the wealth of knowledge and experience already internalized.


That he has made a first-class success of every endeavour he handled and this, after that is proof of his depth of knowledge and how effectively it had been harnessed by the different institutions and positions he came across.

He has also dabbled into philanthropy owning a Research Fellowship endowed in his name in the Legal Department of the University of Lagos and had donated to several altruistic causes at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Yaba College of Technology and African Leadership Forum.


He undertook the maintenance and upkeep of the Children’s Emergency Unit at the University Teaching Hospital (UCH), Ibadan and donated a newly-built and fully-equipped air-conditioned 40-bed Children’s Centre, named Iye Subomi’s Child Care Centre, after his mother at the Ijebu-Ode General Hospital.


A few years ago, he donated a Police Post at Imoru in Ijebu-Ode and also built the Otunba Tunwase Civic Centre for Ijebu-Ode Club, as well as provided street lighting for the street named after his ancestor, Oba Adesimbo, Tunwase I, known as Tunwase Drive.

This self-made man is a familiar with the tradition at Pozzyviber because he brings positivity to whatever he lays his hands upon and he lives and abides by the rules of staying positive.


Written By Guest Blogger Cupcakewriter

Baby Ro’ Mello Balloon Release – Oct. 1st

When we become parents, we are blessed with the gift of true love. As parents, our job is to keep our babies safe, healthy and happy. As parents in a free country, and in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness; many of us have a sense of security in our belief that it is our basic right to protect our children. The problem is that, when we get the courts involved in custody matters, what’s best for the children falls second to “status quo”, due process, overloaded dockets and one judge’s mood or discretion on any given day. Many parents, that haven’t had the courts involved with child custody matters, believe that the right thing will prevail when custody matters do surface. Had anyone at least investigated as a child advocate with influence on the courts in one case for “temporary” custody orders, Baby Romello would probably be celebrating his fourth birthday with family next month. This is not about father’s rights or mother’s rights; it is about the voice of vulnerable children involved in custody matters..our babies. Our children need a voice in custody matters and, even if they are too young to explain their circumstances, need to be heard. Well, we hear you, Baby Ro’Mello. All children that have been hurt or blindly placed in harm’s way by our justice system, we hear you. All of the parents that have walked through the fire of family courts, we hear you. Our system is broken and it is time for some big changes. On October 1st, we walk for the celebration of Baby Ro’Mello’s life and he walks with us in spirit for change.

When: Saturday, October 1st, 2016

Time: 11am-2pm

Where: Sloans Lake, Edgewater, CO

Wish Baby Ro’Mello a Happy 4th Birthday with a balloon release!

There will be entertainment, DJ’s (DJ Si – Fi). Performances, remembrance speeches. Toddler games & fun.


Written By: David Chavez

Madalyn Piper

Madalyn Piper is our featured Pozzyviber this July. Madalyn is a small business owner, wife, mother, and fulltime bank teller. She has become an expert at juggling her busy work/life schedule and staying positive while doing so. With Madalyn’s best interest of her one year old daughter and goal of working from home fulltime in her future she has taken a huge leap of faith in going with the flow and becoming an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields (R+F). As many entrepreneurs know it’s scary to take that first leap and start something new, but it’s worth it in the end.


Although Madalyn is a fairly new consultant starting only in May she is excited and eager, and has hit the ground running. When Madalyn first heard about the company she was a skeptic, but she kept the idea of becoming a consultant in the back of her head for about six months while doing extensive research on the company before she decided it was the right choice for her. Madalyn chose the company not only due to the fact that she doesn’t have to hold inventory on hand, but also because the products have made a big difference in her own skin and she truly believes in them. After Madalyn’s first few weeks of being with R+F she discovered that it’s more than just a social ecommerce business. It’s a family, with some of the most positive and supportive women (and some men) she’s ever met.


Madalyn has been learning a lot through her new venture not only about running her own business, but also about important lessons for life. She’s become even more appreciative to her supportive husband who encouraged her to give it a try. She now believes his reassurance that everything will be ok. When asked how does she stay positive, Madalyn chuckled and replied, “Schedule.” It takes a lot of training to balance a business but a schedule helps her reduce stress, and stay positive and focused immensely. Taking time to care for herself helps in staying positive and motivated. For Madalyn doing yoga once a week with her friend who is also a yoga instructor really helps keep her in a physical and healthy mindset. She also relaxes with her family at the lake as often as she can with no phones, and reads a lot.


One of the really awesome reasons Madalyn enjoys being with R+F is that they give back to the community. R+F partners with BuildOn, a nonprofit whose mission is to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education. Education is a basic human right, yet those who need education the most (children living in poverty) are the least likely to attend school. According to BuildOn every 26 seconds a child in the U.S. drops out of school, and worldwide nearly 900 million people today cannot read or write. BuildOn achieves their noble mission by providing service learning programs in some of the nation’s toughest high schools, and by building schools in some of the world’s poorest countries. Through R+F’s Go Naked campaign the company itself gives five dollars to the organization for every selfie posted and tagged with the hash tag #RFGoNaked by the campaign’s end date on July 8, 2016. If you missed the campaign’s end date this year and want to help out then keep an eye out for next year’s campaign, and or visit to make a donation.

The positivity of R+F isn’t only on the corporate business level; it’s with the independent consultants as well. One of Madalyn’s peers has really shown her what it means to be not only positive, but selfless by joining the business to be able to focus on helping others by giving her profits made from R+F to support an underprivileged child in Haiti. The company’s slogan “changing skin, changing lives,” at first didn’t mean a lot to Madalyn but after seeing the change in individuals’ lives and her own she feels really strong about it now.


The biggest lesson Madalyn has received out of her new venture is to “try not to take things personal.” Just like any other job or career being in direct sales can be hard and emotionally draining if you let it be. You’ve got to have a thick skin sometimes. When Madalyn does have encounters that could really knock a person’s positivity down into the ground she calls up her team and they always boost her confidence right back where it was before. With a support system like Madalyn has, it makes bumps in the road much more manageable and staying positive is second nature. Madalyn’s advice for others is to take that initial step. Look into whatever it is you think you might want to do and look at what’s important in your life. If you don’t want to be in the same spot that you are right now, move forward. “If you are looking for change in your life, today is the day to find out what your options are!”


Thanks Madalyn for being Pozzy!


To find out more about Rodan + Fields, place an order, or become a consultant please visit If you have questions or would like to connect with Madalyn please send an email to To make a donation or to find out more information about BuildOn visit


Written by Pozzyviber Tiffany Rosengrant


Marisa Nikole

Singer songwriter Marisa Nikole is our featured Pozzyviber this October. For Marisa singing has been a big passion going all the way back to her childhood. Marisa’s parents often told her that she could sing before she could talk. At age ten Marisa started writing poems, at age twelve she started writing songs, and at age sixteen she started playing in front of people. Today Marisa makes a positive impact through her music by making music that people can relate to by sharing her own personal experiences in her music. In Marisa’s own words she states, “Music is like my diary basically.” Marisa has been through a lot of challenges in her past, like the plot to a country song she been through a divorce as well as the loss of her, job, dog, and home. Spending time alone and making music really helped her learn who she was and helped her and will continue to help her get through those rough times. Marisa’s past has changed how she looks at life as her struggles have helped her to appreciate what she has today and to look at life in a brighter and more positive light. When asked what advice Marisa would have gave to her younger self she replied, “don’t let the negativity that people tell you or give you change you as a person. Believe in yourself and do it for you not anyone else. Do it because you love to, tell yourself you are worth it.”
Currently Marisa is in the process of mapping out and working on new material for her new album, which is very exciting and will include hip-hop collaborations and more. She also is looking forward to making a music video for one of her songs off of the new album. In the meanwhile Marisa is still gigging regularly and will be playing this Saturday, October 17, 2015 at 8pm at The Toad Tavern (5302 S Federal Cir, Littleton, CO 80123). When Marisa isn’t working on her music she enjoys archery, spending time at the shooting range, sewing, hiking with her dog Koda, throwing her headphones on and listening to other people’s music, and although she doesn’t usually tell people this hoping in her car and driving long distances just so she can listen to music. Marisa wants to help uplift and build not only her listeners but other potential musicians as well, and wants to share some words of encouragement specifically for them. As Marisa looks down at a tattooed infinity symbol on her wrist with the words ‘live your dreams’ she states, “Be yourself and don’t be afraid to be different. Stay away from negative people. Keep company with people who will encourage and uplift you. Do what you want to do, and live your passion.” As far as career goals go for Marisa she wants to travel and play at different cities, towns, festivals, bigger venues and just share her music with everyone. She would love to see the day where she hears herself unexpectedly on the radio. To keep up to date with what Marisa Nikole is doing and to listen to her music please visit her website and the links below. Thank you Marisa Nikole for sharing your talent and music to the world.

Written by Pozzyviber Tiffany Rosengrant

Leah Radar Grosjean

Leah is our POZZYVIBER of the month this October! Leah has been an active Red Cross Volunteer since 2009. She first got involved with the organization by taking a CPR class, and became a dedicated volunteer shortly thereafter. Leah does a little bit of everything at her chapter, not only does she do local client casework, but she has been deployed to 2 national disasters as well. Leah enjoys taking classes and trainings and learning new skills and going beyond what is expected of her. Leah is an inspiration to many with her uplifting funny and positive attitude. “If you’re not happy the only other option is to be miserable.” Leah does not let anything get in the way of her goals or what she would like to achieve. She has a great can do attitude. Leah is legally blind and although some may think, it might be a huge barrier she does not. “The only handicap limitation or whatever you call it is what you give yourself. You are the one who limits yourself and by doing so you decapitate yourself.” One thing Leah wishes people knew, understood, or would take into consideration is that for the most part anyone with a visual impairment can do anything a sighted person can except drive legally.

One of the first things you notice about Leah when you meet her besides her big grin is her guide dog Ralphie. Ralphie gives Leah the freedom to go more places than if she used a cane. Leah refers to him as being like a partner or an extra brain. Ralphie was born at the canine development center at Guiding Eyes for the Blind, raised in VA Beech, and Went back to complete his training at Guiding Eyes for the Blind in York Town, NY. When asked what advice Leah might have for anyone considering getting a guide dog or service animal, Leah replied, “Service dogs are fun and great but they are ultimately tools and not pets, and with them come great responsibility. The better you take care of your tools the better success you will have.” I first met Leah in NYC on deployment for Hurricane Sandy with the Red Cross, and I have to admit at first I was worried about the crazy traffic and commotion of the city and that she might be lost or hit by a taxi whizzing by. I could not have been more wrong. Ralphie and Leah make such a great team; they do not need anyone else to tell them when it is safe to cross the street or that may be a big hole or crack in the sidewalk ahead. The amount of comfort and ease they brought to the clients who had just experienced major loss from the hurricane was beautiful. Clients were thrilled that volunteers came from all over to help them in their time of need, but were especially appreciative when Leah and Ralphie were there to help and assess their needs.

It takes a strong person to do things for others and an even stronger person to do things for others even when those around them may think it is not safe for them to do so. Leah’s easygoing attitude and warm friendly personality is not only a gift to the clients she helps, but also a gift to her peers. I know it took Leah a little bit of convincing others before she headed out for her first deployment that she was just as capable as anybody else was, and I am glad that she stayed persistent and pursued her goals as she helped many through a great time of need. I personally made a great friend in the end. Now that Leah has finished school and married the love of her life her biggest goals are to help her husband through paramedic school and to give birth to their first child who is on the way. When asked if Leah has any mentors or people she looks up to for inspiration she replied “too many to list.” Leah encourages people who want to be more involved in their community to find something in their community that interests them and go for it, “the only one stopping you is you.”

Thank you Leah and Ralphie for all you do!

Written by Pozzyviber Tiffany R.

Perla Millan

Perla is our POZZYVIBER of the month this September! Perla is currently studying at Regis to become a Nurse Practitioner. Health is general is important her, she truly wants to help people feel better. Although Perla has always been interested in the medical field, she knows that even the smallest gestures like talking to people can help them in an extraordinary way. Perla being a caring and compassionate friendly person not only wants to help people in her future career, but is also making a positive impact on people on a day-to-day basis. When Perla is not studying or working one of her two jobs Perla spends most of her free time being a caretaker to an elderly woman who she lives with and loves accompanying. During the weekday Perla works in medical billing for Urgent Care helping patients were she goes the extra mile to do so in a compassionate way by ensuring that all questions and concerns are thoroughly explained for her clients. Perla is set apart in accounts receivable as she cares more about the actual people than the money. On the weekend Perla works at GoodHealthwill formerly known as Rocky Mountain Medical Outfitting & Recycling where people can purchase and or donate gently used medical equipment or health supplies. Perla had started with GoodHealthwill a awhile back as an intern, but being the kind hearted hard working woman that she is they could not let her go so they turned her into staff. Perla loves helping others whether it is a stranger, a child, a friend, or a sibling Perla takes the extra effort to show those around her that she does care and is there to help. In the near future Perla would also like to work with and help children going through foster care. Perla stated that if she could have any job it would be a nanny.

Perla is a very driven individual always willing to help others who can be described as wise beyond her years. Perla knows that people can be selfish, and she knows that she has it inside herself to help people. Even though she has a ton of stuff to do she will make time for others and put other people ahead of herself when they are in need. I first got to know Perla years ago when we were both attending community college. My friend and I were struggling at the time in a class that she was also in and she setup study times to help us study. She went above and beyond by even getting her boyfriend to join us in our study sessions, as he was really great at the subject at hand. She believes very strongly that it is important to do things for other people, as you never know what others are going through. Perla has a gift in that if she is having a bad day or is not feeling so great, she doesn’t let it affect others around her. You can thank both Perla’s mother and father for her caring nature as their kindness, generosity, and love has helped in shaping her into the wonderful person she is today. Perla stays positive by practing self care, which for her is thinking of the future and knowing that negative experiences won’t last. One of Perla’s biggest influences in her life was a former boss and mentor who truly inspired her and helped ground her to the medical field by helping others. Taking action and moving forward by staying positive makes all the difference in her life. When asked for words of wisdom or advice Perla stated, “A lot of things are not a big deal. Don’t waste time being angry. You don’t know how long you have here so make the best of it.” Thank you Perla for being such a caring, helping, kind, loving, inspiring, and positive person!

Written by Pozzyviber Tiffany R.