Madalyn Piper

Madalyn Piper is our featured Pozzyviber this July. Madalyn is a small business owner, wife, mother, and fulltime bank teller. She has become an expert at juggling her busy work/life schedule and staying positive while doing so. With Madalyn’s best interest of her one year old daughter and goal of working from home fulltime in her future she has taken a huge leap of faith in going with the flow and becoming an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields (R+F). As many entrepreneurs know it’s scary to take that first leap and start something new, but it’s worth it in the end.


Although Madalyn is a fairly new consultant starting only in May she is excited and eager, and has hit the ground running. When Madalyn first heard about the company she was a skeptic, but she kept the idea of becoming a consultant in the back of her head for about six months while doing extensive research on the company before she decided it was the right choice for her. Madalyn chose the company not only due to the fact that she doesn’t have to hold inventory on hand, but also because the products have made a big difference in her own skin and she truly believes in them. After Madalyn’s first few weeks of being with R+F she discovered that it’s more than just a social ecommerce business. It’s a family, with some of the most positive and supportive women (and some men) she’s ever met.


Madalyn has been learning a lot through her new venture not only about running her own business, but also about important lessons for life. She’s become even more appreciative to her supportive husband who encouraged her to give it a try. She now believes his reassurance that everything will be ok. When asked how does she stay positive, Madalyn chuckled and replied, “Schedule.” It takes a lot of training to balance a business but a schedule helps her reduce stress, and stay positive and focused immensely. Taking time to care for herself helps in staying positive and motivated. For Madalyn doing yoga once a week with her friend who is also a yoga instructor really helps keep her in a physical and healthy mindset. She also relaxes with her family at the lake as often as she can with no phones, and reads a lot.


One of the really awesome reasons Madalyn enjoys being with R+F is that they give back to the community. R+F partners with BuildOn, a nonprofit whose mission is to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education. Education is a basic human right, yet those who need education the most (children living in poverty) are the least likely to attend school. According to BuildOn every 26 seconds a child in the U.S. drops out of school, and worldwide nearly 900 million people today cannot read or write. BuildOn achieves their noble mission by providing service learning programs in some of the nation’s toughest high schools, and by building schools in some of the world’s poorest countries. Through R+F’s Go Naked campaign the company itself gives five dollars to the organization for every selfie posted and tagged with the hash tag #RFGoNaked by the campaign’s end date on July 8, 2016. If you missed the campaign’s end date this year and want to help out then keep an eye out for next year’s campaign, and or visit to make a donation.

The positivity of R+F isn’t only on the corporate business level; it’s with the independent consultants as well. One of Madalyn’s peers has really shown her what it means to be not only positive, but selfless by joining the business to be able to focus on helping others by giving her profits made from R+F to support an underprivileged child in Haiti. The company’s slogan “changing skin, changing lives,” at first didn’t mean a lot to Madalyn but after seeing the change in individuals’ lives and her own she feels really strong about it now.


The biggest lesson Madalyn has received out of her new venture is to “try not to take things personal.” Just like any other job or career being in direct sales can be hard and emotionally draining if you let it be. You’ve got to have a thick skin sometimes. When Madalyn does have encounters that could really knock a person’s positivity down into the ground she calls up her team and they always boost her confidence right back where it was before. With a support system like Madalyn has, it makes bumps in the road much more manageable and staying positive is second nature. Madalyn’s advice for others is to take that initial step. Look into whatever it is you think you might want to do and look at what’s important in your life. If you don’t want to be in the same spot that you are right now, move forward. “If you are looking for change in your life, today is the day to find out what your options are!”


Thanks Madalyn for being Pozzy!


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Written by Pozzyviber Tiffany Rosengrant