Perla Millan

Perla is our POZZYVIBER of the month this September! Perla is currently studying at Regis to become a Nurse Practitioner. Health is general is important her, she truly wants to help people feel better. Although Perla has always been interested in the medical field, she knows that even the smallest gestures like talking to people can help them in an extraordinary way. Perla being a caring and compassionate friendly person not only wants to help people in her future career, but is also making a positive impact on people on a day-to-day basis. When Perla is not studying or working one of her two jobs Perla spends most of her free time being a caretaker to an elderly woman who she lives with and loves accompanying. During the weekday Perla works in medical billing for Urgent Care helping patients were she goes the extra mile to do so in a compassionate way by ensuring that all questions and concerns are thoroughly explained for her clients. Perla is set apart in accounts receivable as she cares more about the actual people than the money. On the weekend Perla works at GoodHealthwill formerly known as Rocky Mountain Medical Outfitting & Recycling where people can purchase and or donate gently used medical equipment or health supplies. Perla had started with GoodHealthwill a awhile back as an intern, but being the kind hearted hard working woman that she is they could not let her go so they turned her into staff. Perla loves helping others whether it is a stranger, a child, a friend, or a sibling Perla takes the extra effort to show those around her that she does care and is there to help. In the near future Perla would also like to work with and help children going through foster care. Perla stated that if she could have any job it would be a nanny.

Perla is a very driven individual always willing to help others who can be described as wise beyond her years. Perla knows that people can be selfish, and she knows that she has it inside herself to help people. Even though she has a ton of stuff to do she will make time for others and put other people ahead of herself when they are in need. I first got to know Perla years ago when we were both attending community college. My friend and I were struggling at the time in a class that she was also in and she setup study times to help us study. She went above and beyond by even getting her boyfriend to join us in our study sessions, as he was really great at the subject at hand. She believes very strongly that it is important to do things for other people, as you never know what others are going through. Perla has a gift in that if she is having a bad day or is not feeling so great, she doesn’t let it affect others around her. You can thank both Perla’s mother and father for her caring nature as their kindness, generosity, and love has helped in shaping her into the wonderful person she is today. Perla stays positive by practing self care, which for her is thinking of the future and knowing that negative experiences won’t last. One of Perla’s biggest influences in her life was a former boss and mentor who truly inspired her and helped ground her to the medical field by helping others. Taking action and moving forward by staying positive makes all the difference in her life. When asked for words of wisdom or advice Perla stated, “A lot of things are not a big deal. Don’t waste time being angry. You don’t know how long you have here so make the best of it.” Thank you Perla for being such a caring, helping, kind, loving, inspiring, and positive person!

Written by Pozzyviber Tiffany R.